Polycom Trio 8800 Visual+ with Office 365 and PSTN


As part of a longer plan to move away from an on-premise PBX and convert all meeting rooms into fully fledged VC rooms I explored a few devices that are available for this. SurfaceHub – Fantastic but pricey, but by … Read More »

Deploying Office Document Templates with Intune and Group Policy


With a move to O365 and AAD, some of the old GP features were missing a little, and pushing out office templates to all users was one of them, but with a bit of registry changing, this should be possible. … Read More »

USB Windows Deployment with AutoUnattend and Chocolatey


With no local on-prem servers, I need a way to quickly build machines. The obvious answer was via USB (PXE booting from WDS had been my choice previously but that would require a machine or VM, and new machines need … Read More »

This could be due to CredSSP encryption oracle remidiation


A quick fix when connecting to an unpatched Server 2012 R2 via RDP from a recently patched Windows 10 workstation. Navigate to: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > system > Credentials Delegation > Encryption Oracle Remediation. Edit the local policy … Read More »

Exporting Google and Bing Results with PowerShell


Whilst doing a bit of SEO work, I needed to remove some URL’s from both Bing and Google using their webmaster tools. Rather than doing it manually and copying the links from each page, I ended up writing some PowerShell, … Read More »

Windows 1803 “Choose which folders appear on start” GPO


I have a setup with quite a few laptops on a separate locked down domain. I recently rolled out Windows 1803 to these and noticed that the start menu now, by default, had additional links to documents and pictures. Whilst … Read More »

No API, no problem. Logging into websites with PowerShell


In the name of automating everything, a recent opportunity arose to make life a bit easier when it came to organising a regular sporting event. However, the 2 websites that we use don’t have any API support whatsoever.? A little … Read More »

Adding Extension Attributes to Crossware Email Signatures


I use a few of the Extension Attributes in AD, and recently had a request for letters after a users name for a single user. Rather than just changing their surname, a better route seemed to be to use an … Read More »

System32\CertLog Folder Size


During a bit of routine maintenance, I noticed the disk space on a single server was dropping, but for no obvious reason. Looking at the PTRG logs the downward trend had been going on for some time. With a bit … Read More »